Increase telegram group member

Increase fake group member , in this article we are going to explain about increasing telegram group member.

There are two main types of group member : increase fake group member and real group member.

Increase telegram group member

Increase fake group member

One of the main points that we have mentioned many times in previous articles is the issue of newly opened Telegram channels or channels with low traffic and member.

The first step in starting a telegram group is to buy  fake group member. Groups and channels that have few followers usually have trouble advertising and attracting a real member.

Usually, people in groups with few members are members. They do not or do not lift quickly.

Buy Telegram group member

Increase the real member of the Telegram group

After purchasing a fake member for the group to attract a real member in the group, only the force add method is available.

Force add method is done by software that users have installed on their device and adds users to your group by force and no one knows how to add to the group.

Increase free group member

Telegram channels or groups that have just opened or do not have a good member and visit should not initially think about attracting a real member to their group or channel.

It is better to increase the number or number of members of your channel first so that the real member will be automatically attracted to your channel by entering your channel or group by seeing the top members of your channel and stay in it.

If the opposite happens, it means that you buy real telegram member with a low number of members, it will not be of any benefit to you, and you will see a great loss of members after adding a real member to the channel.

So it is recommended First, buy telegram member for your channel or group, and after the number of channel or group members reaches the desired level, try to attract real members to your channel or group.

Robot member increase fake

We should also pay attention to the fact that a fake member will not drop for you after being added to your channel or group, because it is composed of offline members and only increases the number of members of your channel and visits for your posts to Will not be accompanied.

Increase real member by robot

The real member will be lost in any way after being added to your channel or group, and this is a natural loss because you are on the side of real members and your channel members do not communicate well with the content and topic of your channel.

 For the members present in your channel or group, the content that you post is not attractive, they leave your group, so pay attention to the content and content that is placed in the channel or group.

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