Add Telegram Members

For increase the number of members of your channel or group in Telegram, you can use several methods. The first method is the fake telegram member method, to start, usually to buy a member for a channel or group in Telegram, several people buy a fake member and then go to other methods to buy a real member.

add telegram members

This method has special features, for example, for the desired channel or group that you want to increase the members for it, it only increases the number of channel members, and it will not bring traffic for the posts you place in the channel.

Add fake Telegram Member The next method, which is mandatory, is that after you have enough posts and content in your channel or group, you start buying real members for your Telegram channel.

Using this method, when you add a member to your channel or group it will cause a drop, which is very natural for the members of the channel or group for which the Telegram member has been added. Real member of Telegram channel because you are dealing with online contacts and members and real people, and the second reason is that buying a member and adding a member to your channel and group is mandatory, and therefore more loss compared to other methods.

The next method that we explain your service is to buy a real member and it is in the form of pop-up. In this method, the audience and the user who enters your channel at will and by seeing your pop-up, group or channel on the page and It enters your channel or group completely voluntarily, and it goes without saying that this method will also cause a drop, which is completely natural because you are dealing with an online and active user. Due to Telegram filtering, it is currently not possible to increase channel member in the form of pop-up ads.

Add a member of Telegram Group

Add group members, like channel members, have two main types, fake group members, which, like other types of fake members, are virtual numbers and can be said to be without loss.

Add real member of the Telegram group

Adding a real member in Telegram groups is only possible by force, so these types of members have a high dropout rate, of course, because in the group anyone can write whatever he wants, usually adding a mandatory member for Telegram group causes the group to collapse you will be!!

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