What is a Telegram fake Member?

fake telegram members : Members of groups and telegram channels are called members. The word fake also means fake. A fake telegram member is a fake member of a channel. In the world of telegrams, the value and credibility of channels is equal to the number of its members, which is followed by the quality of production of the products of that channel. This has led to an increase in Telegram, one of the most important Telegram admins.

More Telegram channel admins are looking to buy Telegram channel members to increase their membership. fake members are made with a virtual number. Telegram allows users to create an account with a virtual number. Use other phone numbers with your virtual number without having a SIM card.

The virtual number is more than the features of the SIM card that it actually supports, but unlike the SIM cards, there is a real number of external and physical identities. We need an internet connection to activate this number.

There are two types of fake telegram members:

Virtual Number fack Member
fake member of the ghost

buy telegram members

Virtual Number fake Member

Telegram fake members are created with virtual numbers, through software, robots and virtual numbers, and Telegram accounts are created with them. Finally, they are added to your channel with T-Data software. Te data stands for telegram data.

All telegram accounts, both accounts created with real numbers and accounts created with virtual numbers, have information called T-data. Using T-Data, it is possible to create and run a Telegram account on all systems.

If the number of fake accounts you create using virtual numbers is more than normal, Telegram can identify it and burn it. But if you enter Telegram channel members with T-Data, Telegram may not recognize fake members. Fake members are added to your channel via TData. Fake members added to your channel in this way will initially increase the number of views of your content, but will no longer be relevant to your channel.

The life of counterfeit Telegram members is often one to two months. After a while, the fake member will be removed by Telegram. Because Telegram detects these counterfeit members.

So do not be fooled by the ads “Buy a telegram fake member without falling”. fake members usually have drop rate near 20% in 3 months.

Fack member of the ghost

The members that are attracted to channels and groups in this way are real, but because of the way they are added to channels and groups, they are called fake members. Users who use unofficial versions of Telegram such as: Mobogram, Golden Telegram, Hotgram and Telegram Plus, etc. can be forced or secretly added to Telegram channels without realizing it. For example, a channel admin buys 100 fake Telegram members from a service; After receiving the package tariff, the service provider will automatically add unofficial versions of Telegram to your channel. In this case, the user will be added to your channel without realizing it. This is a trick to increase the number of Telegram fake members and real members of the Telegram channel.

Is there a benefit to using a fake member?

fake member; As the name implies, it means a fake member, an unreal member. Increasing the members of the channels in this way is not beneficial for us. Because these members have no activity and can not see your posts. So buying a fake Telegram channel member will not result in more visits for your channel. That is why many people, after buying a fake member in Telegram, also buy Telegram views, scenes or views.

Many people think that by buying a cheap Telegram channel member, they can earn money and receive advertisements through Telegram. This is not possible unless you have a large number of real members. Because otherwise it has no feedback or results for the advertiser, and this can cause the channel that advertised to you to advertise against you and deal a big blow to the credibility of your channel. source 1 2

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