telegram real members

buy telegram real members with force add

If your Telegram channel has recently experienced a member loss, you can compensate for this loss quickly and in less than 24 hours by purchasing a real force add member !

force add members have different types such as Hayden, silent and lock members and are 100% real, so they can become your customers.

You can contact our contacts experts to suggest a suitable force add member for your channel.

Is Ed real Telegram member ?

What is a force add Telegram member?

Unofficial telegrams such as Golden Telegram, Mobogram,etc.… can bring their users into your Telegram channel ; In this way, after the user checks his telegram, a channel is added to his list of channels, thus adding a member is called mandatory member ed, that my member site can add up to one million members to your telegram channel Add.

Yes, as we explained above, mandatory membership is 100% real, but since the addressee is redirected to your telegram channel without permission, visits are rare, because the addressee must realize that Has entered your channel; The recipient may check their telegram right away or a few days later, so when you buy a mandatory member, the members are 100% real, but the views are rare.

telegram real members

How do I know if members are completely real?

When a member is added to you, in a section titled recent action or recent channel reports the members who have been added to your channel are specified, we can click on their profile and even chat with them to find out The members added to your channel are completely real.

Why should we buy force add members?

When we want to launch a telegram channel for a brand, we first have to buy a number of mandatory members to add the actual members of that channel and then do extensive advertising.

So in fact, in order for your customers not to question your brand in the Telegram channel, the best thing to do is to buy a few mandatory channels, and of course public channels such as news channels, knowledge channels, and… the best purchase for them, buy ed It is mandatory that they can order 100k to 1 million members.

The cheap membership fee is due to the fact that it happens without the user’s permission, that is, when you buy a force add  members , the user enters your channel without permission, so it is naturally cheaper than the optional Telegram member.

Does the real Telegram member have a visit?

force add members is a real type of members, so it definitely has a visit, but because users are forced to enter your channel, these visits may be very few, or even frequent, because I am a user and I enter your channel, but a few days later I check my telegram.
Why is it more profitable to buy a real Telegram member?

As you know, increasing the membership in Telegram channels is a practical way to gain members’ trust in your business and services. Purchasing a real Telegram member, as the name implies, adds real members to your business page. One of the benefits of buying this type of member is that, the more practical and professional the content of your channel is written, the less member loss and the higher the percentage of edited members will remain on your page.

More importantly, the channel admin can communicate directly with all edged members at any time.

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