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Add Real Telegram Member, Telegram has become a very strong and popular medium, in this social network, due to having facilities such as creating channels and groups, it has created a very suitable background to be able to It implemented the Internet business and made a lot of money.

add real telegram member

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Increase the actual Telegram member

One of the major problems in starting a business on the Telegram social network is gathering real Telegram members. There are several ways to increase the actual members in Telegram, which we will discuss below, but before that, we have an important proposal for newly established channels.

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Buy a professional fake member and views by our bot

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For more information, you can refer to the bottom of this article, in the following, additional explanations along with the tariff have been placed for your viewing.

Best suggest for newly channels

Our suggestion for newly established channels is to start buying fake members. Why? Most Telegram users must look at the number of members of a channel to join, and if the number of channel members is low, they will not join the channel or will not trust that channel when making a purchase. The high number of members indicates the size of your business and your customers, in a channel members only have access to the number of members and can’t see if this number of members are fake or real!

Buy Telegram Fake member

The next point when advertising to attract a real member is to buy a fake member, the difference between receiving members in a channel with 200 members and a channel with 5000 fake members is quite clear. Channels with low members receive very low actual ads during ads or very high after receiving.

The first step to entering the business in Telegram is to create a channel with appropriate content and the next step is to increase the members of that channel.

Fake member ready

After registering your order, the delivery time of fake members is 1 hour each and for ordering real members it is a maximum of 24 hours.

Increase the actual Telegram member

There are several different ways to increase the actual Telegram member, the first popular method among users is the mandatory members method in the channel.

Increase Telegram members with force add

In the forced method, members are added to your channel without knowing it. In this method, you will see about 70-80% of the drop, but after a few days, keeping these members and keeping the channel members satisfied is the responsibility. It’s your own.

Increasing the Telegram group member through the software Increasing the Telegram channel member or robot Increasing the Telegram member and buying the channel member or buying the members of the Telegram channel you can see the increase of the Telegram group member of which you are the administrator.

Most contacts are looking for ways to increase the actual free Telegram member, which in this article we will refer to ways to increase your channel or group members by implementing them. Increasing a fake Telegram member is much less expensive than increasing a real Telegram channel member.

Newly established groups or channels can attract more real members by buying a fake member to start with, but as we mentioned, the content of your channel is very important.

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