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Add Telegram Channel Member, the method of forced Adding can be done in 3 different ways, the cost of which is not different from each other, but they are different in the loss of members. Unmute real members, real mute members and fake members

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Increase Telegram members with Hidden force add method

Hidden force add is that real members are added to your channel and members do not have access to your channel to view it!

For increase telegram group member or channel with this method, although a real member is added to your channel, but it will not bring you any income and of course it will not fall! (Not recommended) This method is very attractive for some of our colleagues and they usually use this method because it has very little loss but no feedback for you.

Increasing the Telegram member with the silent force add method

In this method, when the members are added to the channel, the channel is mutated or silent, so its loss is less than normal, it has the best method and the highest feedback compared to the loss, because many members feel They added themselves to the channel.

In this case, members will be added to your channel quite normally and will normally see alerts for your posts, in this method you will see a very high drop (about 70-80%)

Increase telegram members with POP-UP method

For increase telegram member with pop-up method, your channel ad is displayed as a pop-up in our software and then members are added to the channel by clicking on your channel ad. (The loss of this method is about 10 to 30%)

Content production is one of the most important factors for attracting real members, which is very important. You can attract real audience and members by producing content that is appropriate for your channel theme.

Keeping these users is also important, it is not irrelevant to your Telegram channel or group. You can not only keep the audience in your group or channel, but also increase it gradually by keeping the content up-to-date and putting interesting content.

But here we introduce you to three methods that you can do by giving these three methods to your group or channel.


Increase Telegram members using pop-up:

This is an advertising method that is displayed as a pop-up and the members that are attracted through this method have a very low dropout rate compared to the other two methods that we will discuss below.

Of course, it should be noted that the force add method itself is divided into three separate parts, the force add method as hidden, the force add method as silent, and the force add as usual.

Increase Telegram member using force add:

In this method, the member is forced to join your channel, which is done through programs or games that are available to the public, but this method is not considered as advertising like the above method.

Increase Telegram member through the program:

This method is also called the use of fake users. But in fact, there are real users behind this story, but they are offline and practically do not have a presence in your channel or group, and there is no visit for your content or posts. This method gives 100 to 150 people to the group or channel daily.

In this way you can buy view for telegram posts, just remember that count of your views is important as your members.

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