Increase members fake

In this article, we intend to address the issue of increasing telegram fake members and we have prepared a brief explanation about other ways to increase the members of Telegram channel or group for you, which we will discuss in detail in the next articles.

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Increase members fake

Increasing the number of Telegram channel members

As you know, the members of the Telegram channel are different from the Telegram group. Virtual numbers are used to increase the channel members, that is why this model has the fewest members.

The member of the fake has two models, the first model Which has a very high drop is the use of members , in these application, which are usually used by channel managers, channel managers join the channels to get members and leave the channel after receiving members.

For this reason, after 2-3 weeks, you will see a drop of about 80%, but buying a fake member as a virtual number does not have this problem, and because no one is behind the virtual number, you will see a much smaller drop, which can be said It is about 10%.

Why increase fake members

The first question that comes to your mind is why should we buy a fake member!

For newly established channels, fake members are very effective, consider that you enter a channel that has 200 members, in more than 90% of cases, you definitely leave the channel and do not join that channel, all Telegram users To subscribe to a channel, a channel member pays attention.

By buying fake member, you can minimize your loss during advertising and it is very important in attracting real members, of course, the content you put in the channel will be very effective in losing members.

Increase channel or group members

Most customers and users who manage Telegram channels or groups have their main concern about the low number of members and the number of channel views and content that they put in their channel or group, which we To this group of customers who come to us to increase their channel or group members.

 we first suggest that they buy some fake members to increase the number and number of members of their channel or group, and after that, the number of members increases. And it came up significantly to advertise for their own channel and group to attract real members.

In these cases, because the number of members is very low at first, users who are new to your channel or group can hardly join the channel and stay in it because the number of members and views is very low, and if the member is fake Do not add to the channel and in the same way do advertising for the channel and group will not be good for you and for the addition of a real member to your channel or group to be good and complete and effective, as we mentioned, you should First, buy some fake members so that you can attract and increase the actual members for the channel in different ways.

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