Make money from Instagram

Over time, Instagram has become a real marketing power. With the increase in the number of active users in this social network, you have a thriving place for your ads and it is not surprising that reputable brands spend a good budget on marketing on Instagram and have made money from Instagram as one of their marketing goals.

But what should you do?

Okay ! Now is a good time to monetize Instagram and increase your popularity on it. If you are ready to do this, you can earn good money with your account.

We will introduce you to ways to increase your income from Instagram and make your brand name more popular.

Prerequisite for making money from Instagram: Attracting people ( instagram followers )

First you need to see what your followers enjoy. You need to know that to earn money from Instagram, you need loyal followers. If you are just starting out and have a few followers, we will introduce you to good ways to get people’s attention on Instagram.

Write a good bio: In the bio you have to enter contact information, information about the posts you send and your location. Use a few keywords in the text and use between 1 and 3 hashtags that are relevant and widely used in your industry.

Post regularly: You want to make a lot of posts to grow and make money, but if you post them all at once, the posts will not only not have a positive effect, they will have a negative effect on you. Post at least one post a day and avoid posting in a row.

Post attractive posts: Make sure the quality of your images and videos. Poor posting can erode your users’ trust. So do not post low quality and unattractive posts due to lack of time or other things.

Use related hashtags: If you do not use hashtags, no one but your followers will ever see your posts. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from your business and use them in your posts. Using 4 to 8 business-related hashtags can make it easier for you to make money from Instagram.

Interacting with followers: You should not expect one-way communication with you. Take the time to engage with your followers, like their posts, and post comments for posts related to your business. By doing this, in addition to connecting with your colleagues and followers, you have created a good way for other people to connect with you.

The above points are strategies for attracting people. But if you want to grow your business fast, you can buy instagram followers.

Ways to make money from Instagram

1. Cooperation in sales:
Collaborating in sales basically means advertising the goods and services from which you will receive a commission. You must have seen such ads on websites and blogs. Collaborating in sales on Instagram is not much different from the site.

By using Instagram and creating creative content, you can introduce your products in the form of images and videos and direct your users to a link provided to you specifically by the supplier.

You can also put a link to the main page of the website in the bio so that users can see all your products by visiting it.

This type of marketing is widely used on Instagram for the clothing industry. You do not need to procure goods and you only act as an intermediary and sell other people’s goods.

2. Direct sales of products
You can use this method if you have a good budget and can have a place to store your goods. The difference between this method and sales cooperation is that here you are the owner of the goods and all the profits from the sale are for yourself.

In this way, you have to focus more on the interests of users so that you can offer them a better product. In a sales collaboration system, content related to each product is usually created by the supplier, but in this method you have to create specific content for each of your products and use them in posts.

3. Insert ads
If you become an influential person on Instagram, many brands will want to promote their business by you. Note that brands only advertise pages that have high followers and high interaction with followers.

You can not do this with a small number of followers and earning money from Instagram in this way requires capital to attract followers and ads to your page.

Making money in this way is very rewarding for you, but reaching it requires a lot of time and effort. If you plan to use this method, make sure you have the time to do it.

4. Page sales
If you have seen your Instagram page grow well and you do not have the power or time to make money from it, you can sell your Instagram account. Prices in this method are very different and depend on the quality and number of followers of the page. But if you can not make money from Instagram with the above methods, this method can be a solution for you. source 1 2

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