How To Delete Telegram Account?

How to delete Telegram account? If you are a user of Telegram and for any reason you are not interesting to use a current account, or you want to delete your Telegram account on other devices that you have no access to that, or you just do not like to have this application on your device, but you do not know how to delete it, this article is yours.

Delete Telegram Account

For delete your account you must use this from Telegram website. click on this link    

Now you must enter your phone number that you want delete it, and click on “Next” button.

how delete telegram account

Then open your telegram application, you will receive a massage from Telegram with a Code, in next step you must enter the code and sign in your account.

If in previous step, you entered your number incorrectly , in this page you can correct it.

after entering confirmation code, click on “Sign In” button. 


Now you can click on “Delete account”. Just be attention that if you delete your telegram account, you can join it again but all chats and all telegram channel that you have joined are deleted.

How To Delete Telegram Account From Other Device?

  1. Open Telegram application and go to “Settings”.
  2. Then select “Devices  Now you can see all active sessions.
  3. By selecting each one of them, you can terminate your telegram account on that device.
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