Buy Telegram fake member

In this method, there are actually people who become members of your channel only for points, in this method, the traffic is low and the drop is very low. This package comes with a gift and more members will be added to your order.

Benefits of fake members

Attention **  You do not have to change the channel ID or make the channel private while starting the order.

The loss of this method is from 0 to 15% and it should be noted that more telegram members are offered to customers than the purchased amount.

Note: Be aware that Telegram fake members has a drop, register your order and also read the description of this page in full.

A higher number of your members will gain the trust of new members and stay on the channel or buy from your channel.
Higher members will increase your credibility.

Higher telegram members allow you to exchange with stronger channels (and thus attract more real members).
The higher the number of members, the easier it will be to attract ads and increase your direct revenue.

Buy Telegram fake member

After registering each order, a message will be sent to us and there will be no need for repeated calls and follow-ups from you.

Dear users, read the necessary explanations on each plan, if there is a problem, contact us.

In order to execute orders faster, enter the requested information accurately and correctly.

✓ Our site is not responsible for Telegram updates and policies.

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