Buy telegram members with Bitcoin, paypal and credit cards

Buy a Telegram member with Bitcoin, buying Telegram member for the channel and group is very important to get started your business. After buying members , the most important thing is to buy visits to the posts and then targeted advertising.

Even if you have a large number of members in your channel or group, always remember that advertising and earning new customers are the best trick to keep and persuade old customers to use more of your services.

One of the advantages of buying a Telegram member from our website is that you can easily buy with Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. If you can’t pay with crypto currency, you can pay with Webmoney, Perfectmoney , paypal and paytm.

 Telegram member is divide into 3 types:

  1. Buy fake Telegram member with Bitcoin

The best way to increase telegram members is to buy fake Telegram members, which is suitable both for starting the Telegram channel and for channels and groups that have many members but should always develop their channel.

You should know about Telegram Fake member that this type of member has a very low drop rate but they don’t have views for channel’s posts.

This method is used to reduce costs. In this method, only virtual accounts are added to your channel, so if you just need to increase the number of Telegram channel members, you can use the method of buying a fake member.

You can see the tariffs for buying Telegram Fake members from this page.

For buy Telegram Fake member with Bitcoin, Paypal, credit cards and any other crypto contact us in Telegram or send order in website or in our app right now.

Increasing Telegram members
  1. Buy silent real Telegram member with Bitcoin

Silent real Telegram members are real members who are adding to your channel silently and an alert of joining a new channel isn’t sent to them, so they have a lower drop rate than real active members.

Also, because these types of members are real, you will have views in channels and posts. This method is one of the suitable options if you want to have a real member with low loss.

You can see the tariffs for buying silent Telegram members from this page.

To buy Telegram Silent Member with Bitcoin, contact us at Telegram right now.

  1. Buy a real active Telegram member with Bitcoin

The best way to advertise and get real and interested members of your channel. This category is a real active member, as soon as they subscribe to your channel, they get an alert of joining a new channel and can see your channel and posts, so there is a high chance of a drop rate, about 60-70%, but the remaining members will definitely like the existing content of the channel.

Of course, various factors can affect the exit of members from your channel. It is the responsibility of the channel admin to keep members with appropriate and functional posts.

You can see the price tariffs of the real active Telegram member from this page.

To buy a real active Telegram member with Bitcoin, contact us at Telegram right now.

Contact us for buying Telegram members with Bitcoin or all crypto currencies.

If you can’t pay with the crypto currencies, don’t worry, you can pay with webmoney, perfectmoney, paypal and paytm.

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