Fake Members for Telegram Groups and Channels

Many customers or users who approach us seeking to buy members for their channels manage channels that have recently been opened and do not have a large number of members or views. For these channels, we often recommend purchasing fake members initially.

Price of Fake Members for Telegram Groups and Channels

The reason why fake members need to be initially added to a channel is that if you try to buy real members for a channel that has just been established, it won’t yield good results. With low members and views initially, buying real members won’t be effective in terms of member retention. Therefore, various methods are available for increasing members, each with different prices and returns.

Fake Member Rates for Telegram Channels

In these methods, you are dealing with real members, and usually, there is some drop-off after they are added. However, if you start advertising and attracting real members to your channel from the beginning with a low number of members, the drop-off will be much higher, which can become problematic for you in terms of cost.

Therefore, for channels that have just been opened and are looking to attract and add real members to their groups, it’s advisable to initially add a few fake members to the channel and then use other methods to attract real members later.

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