Telegram member increase learning

How do I increase my Telegram channel members ?

Telegram member increase learning : Telegram was launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Previously, the pair founded the Russian social network VK, which they left when it was taken over by the Group.[23][24] Nikolai Durov created the MTProto protocol that is the basis for the messenger, while Pavel Durov provided financial support and infrastructure through his Digital Fortress fund, with partner Axel Neff joining as a second co-founder. The company and the app were started in Russia in 2013 and later moved to Germany.[25][26] Telegram Messenger states that its end goal is not to bring profit,[27][28] but it is not currently structured as a non-profit organization.[29]

Telegram is registered as both an English LLP[30] and an American LLC.[31] It does not disclose where it rents offices or which legal entities it uses to rent them, citing the need to “shelter the team from unnecessary influence” and protect users from governmental data requests.[32] Pavel Durov said that the service was headquartered in Berlin, Germany, between 2014[33] and early 2015, but moved to different jurisdictions after failing to obtain residence permits for everyone on the team.[34] Durov left Russia and is said to be moving from country to country with a small group of computer programmers consisting of 15 core members.[23][35] According to press reports, Telegram had employees in Saint Petersburg.[34] The Telegram team is currently based in Dubai.[36]  

In October 2013, Telegram announced it had 100,000 daily active users.[24] On 24 March 2014, Telegram announced that it had reached 35 million monthly users and 15 million daily active users.[37] In October 2014, South Korean governmental surveillance plans drove many of its citizens to switch to Telegram.[33] In December 2014, Telegram announced that it had 50 million active users, generating 1 billion daily messages, and that it had 1 million new users signing up on its service every week,[38] traffic doubled in five months with 2 billion daily messages.[39] In September 2015, Telegram announced that the app had 60 million active users and delivered 12 billion daily messages.[40]

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How to increase your channel members?

Telegram member increase learning ,To increase the actual  your Telegram channel members, you must first be patient and do all the training we give to succeed.

1. Take the basics very seriously
It is very important that your Telegram channel profile is completely unique and beautiful, and that you write a good description for your channel and specify your goals from this channel, if your goal is to make money from Telegram, you should find a very good idea and act immediately. Do not channel. Finally, write your Telegram channel address short, beautiful and relevant.

2- Start with your friends for you
As you know, to start with no members, it is harder to get a telegram member , because when a visitor sees your channel and realizes that you have a low number of members, he / she leaves the channel quickly, so it is better to start with all your friends.

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3- Start with a very small number of members
There are various ways to create a member, such as Telegram channel membership exchange software. To get started, you can add 500 fake Telegram members to your channel (we mean exchange), but do not do more than that.

4- Create a blog and tap your link!
To better understand what I mean, I will give you an example, suppose your channel is Rajab to buy a Telegram member, so now go to a site builders like Roseblog or blog builders like Blogfa, create a blog and after making it write a post Rajab your channel , For example, put the title: Telegram member shopping channel membership link, then explain a few lines of your channel and put your channel link.

By doing this if someone searches on Google; Telegram member purchase channel, you may be part of the results (it depends on the difficulty of the word and many other criteria)

5- Use Telegram channel introduction sites
Of course, if you do not have the patience to build a web, a better way is in front of you, just search in Google, the introduction of the Telegram channel, in general, the best sites in this field are My Channels, Telegram Channels, Bia 2 channels, T-channels. Search and you can benefit from them.

6- Social networks are a great way to increase the real Telegram member!
Note that you have to advertise right on the virtual network to be able to do the process of increasing the Telegram member in a great way, for example, if your channel is Rajab animal photos, just search this hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook and… #Animal_photo, then write below each photo that I have a Rajab animal photo channel, if you would like to subscribe to my channel.

7- Do not forget Telegram groups and super groups
It is better to work in related groups so that you can better attract members, but there is a problem if you advertise in a group or it will be deleted or fired (by bots) source

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