Telegram group to group members

Telegram group to group members, these days most of the telegram group‘s admins are looking to increase their income and growing their telegram groups via attracting real members and target members.

The best way to have real group members is to buy a Telegram group to group members. This method is more effective than buying members that are limited in a specific area or country.

Target group members

You as an admin of the group can find the groups that have real members, you have to follow them and check their member’s numbers and the number of online members. It’s so important to make sure they have real members because many groups have fake members and if u don’t notice they have fake members,  actually you are buying their fake members.

Increase Telegram members and Subscribers

When you are making sure that they have real members, you can make a list of these groups and give us this list, and we add their telegram group members to your telegram group.

For buying telegram group to group members, you need attention to some notes:

  1. Source group and goal group must be on public mode both.
  2. For buying 1k members, the source group must have at least 5k members (5000 members).

3.adding telegram group members to the Telegram channel and adding telegram channel members to the Telegram group is impossible. No one can do this !!!

Buy group to group members

Before sending orders we suggest contacting our support team and check your source group for making sure that adding their members to your telegram group is ok.

Forasmuch as the important point for growing the business is keeping your real members in your telegram group, we have some advice for you:

  1. For the first step of starting your business in a telegram group, buy fake telegram members before buying real members.

If you have fake members, new real telegram members have a better feeling about your group or a channel and bringing down the chance of leaving your group.

  1. First, trying to give real members from different telegram groups and check the feedback of every one of them. Then choose the best one and put orders from that source group repeatedly for having all its good members.
  2. For keeping your members thirsty for the contents of your telegram group, and avoiding make your telegram group boring for members, close your group in few hours the entire day.
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