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These days, all businesses need  Telegram members, why? Because one of the most important factors in increasing the credibility of the Internet and social networks is having telegram pages and channels with a large number of members.
What are the ways to increase channel membership?

In general, there are specific ways to increase the channel member , and in general, the channel member is divided into two categories: fake members and real members, each of which is divided into different categories, which we will fully describe in the following.

fake Member : At the moment I am writing this article, there are 2 types of fake members.

Ordinary fake member
fake member without drop rate.

A normal fake member is of high quality but has a drop and the rate of loss is about 10 to 20%, but a fake member without a drop, as its name implies, is without a drop and has a very high quality. Of course, the word “no drop” can be misleading, “no drop” means a drop that is not done by the members themselves, but Telegram is very opposed to the issue of fake members and is constantly updating its algorithms to identify these types of members and may At intervals, it can identify and delete even members that have a name without being dropped.

Real Member: There are currently a variety of ways to increase your guaranteed real membership, the types of which are described below.

Real member ed mandatory
A real pop-up member
Mandatory members are a type of members who are forced to enter your channel. These members are people who have installed an unofficial telegram such as Mobogram or My Telegram, and in exchange for the additional services they receive in these telegrams, see advertisements and one of These ads are a mandatory addition to various telegram channels.

Different methods of compulsory membership

In the normal way, the person will clearly notice his membership in your channel and if he enjoys your channel, he will stay in your channel. But if he does not like it, he will leave your channel.

Usually the member loss is very high in this method.
Silent: In the silent method, the recipient does not receive the message “You joined this channel” and therefore notices his membership in the channel later than the previous method. The timing of your posting is important in this way.

Depending on the time and number of your posts, the amount of channel dropout will vary.

Hayden: The word Hayden means to be hidden. This concealment makes this method the best method among mandatory buy member methods. Being Hayden means that the person does not notice your membership in your channel at first and does not see your channel messages. So there is very, very little drop in it.

What important things can we achieve by buy Telegram channel member ?

There are four main reasons for advertising that business owners are trying to achieve.

The first issue that is very important and key is to introduce the brand, products and services to the target community.

This important thing can only be achieved if we can use principled and purposeful advertising. Another thing that makes us use advertising is to increase sales, which can only be achieved if we can promote ourselves well among people so that we can sell ourselves with the positive mentality that we have created in their minds. Increase.

In addition to increasing sales, businesses are looking to achieve other things, such as increasing the credibility of their business, in order to be able to overtake their competitors more than ever.

Now that a business has been able to achieve all of this, there is another important point to consider, and that is gaining people’s trust. These four are a big part of the goals and aspirations of businesses that we need to increase the audience to achieve them. In Telegram, this can be achieved by buy Telegram channel member, and the contents of this section can be summarized as follows.

To succeed, businesses need advertising through which they can achieve four important principles; that includes:

Introducing brands and products to the target


sales increase

Increase the credibility of businesses

Gain the trust of your audience and customers

If you are also looking to increase your Telegram member and you want to buy a Telegram member, it is enough to test the quality of My Member panels once.

Buying Telegram member is not a cost!

With a fingertip account, you will understand that buying a Telegram member is a cheap and short-term investment that will grow your customers and increase your income in a short period of time.

Buying completely real and quality members on the site with a history of My Member can take your business to a new level of progress. source 1 2 3 4

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