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Telegram has become one of the most popular and largest social networks these days. Therefore, many individuals introduce their products to everyone through Telegram channels. This leads them to seek more audience in order to have their products seen better and, consequently, to generate good income. Therefore, they opt to buy members for their Telegram channels.

Buy Real Channel Members

Buying members is offered in various ways and with different tariffs for channels and groups. The reason for the price difference in buying channel or group members is that each of these methods has different features and feedback.

Buy Fake Channel Member Purchase Rate

For example, fake members, or offline members, are used only to increase the number of members in a group or channel. They come at a reasonable price compared to other methods and are used solely for increasing the number of members in a channel or group, not for increasing engagement with the posts and content shared in the Telegram channel or group.

Real channel Member Purchase Rate

This method usually does not come with views and is commonly used by those who have recently opened their channel or group. This is because, in order to use other methods to attract real members, they need to have some members in their channel initially. Then, after using other methods to attract real members to their channel or group, they can have a good return. After adding real members and users to the group or channel, they may experience less drop-off.

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