Selling Fake Channel Members

Selling fake channel members has become quite lucrative for businesses in the online space. Among virtual platforms, Telegram stands out as one of the most popular apps, and all businesses are looking to generate income through customer acquisition on this platform.

Pricing for Selling Fake Channel Members

Creating a Telegram channel is easy, but attracting customers to the channel is challenging. To begin attracting customers, most channels initially need fake members. You might wonder, why buy fake channel members?

To answer this question, imagine yourself as a real member joining a channel. Channels with fewer members inspire less trust, and apart from the significant dropout rate seen during advertising campaigns, customers are hesitant to buy from channels with, for example, only 500 Telegram members.

Selling Fake Channel Members without Dropout

Fake members are usually virtual numbers and therefore have a low dropout rate and do not pose any problems for the channel. Fake member dropout rates are typically 10-15%, mainly due to the deletion of some of these virtual numbers by Telegram, which you will observe within approximately 3-4 months. However, to compensate for this dropout rate, we provide you with more than 20% additional fake members as a gift at the beginning of your order.

Selling Real Channel Members

Attracting real members to a channel has several strategies, as explained in other sections of the website. One point we want to highlight here is the level of dropout of real members. Real members experience dropout regardless, and retaining them is a highly challenging process. You must consider that each of these members is a real person, and you must post content that keeps them engaged to minimize dropout and encourage them to share your channel with their friends and acquaintances.

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