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Did you know that, according to the Ministry of Communications, Telegram has the highest number of users among all media in Iran, surpassing even television? What is the best method for marketing on this platform?

To increase real Telegram members, there are two main methods. The first method involves investing time and posting engaging content over an extended period to attract users to your channel. The second method is to attract users through advertisements.

Before delving into advertising, it’s essential to note that there are two types of Telegram members: the first type is offline or fake members, which do not contribute to engagement but only increase the member count. This type is often used for newly established channels. The second type is real members, which can be added through various methods.

Explanation Regarding Buying Telegram Membership

Telegram members can be categorized into different groups, and below are some general explanations about them.

Lifting Telegram Members, Buying Members and Subscribers

Pricing for buying Telegram members and subscribers

Buying real Telegram members using pop-up ads

Buying real Telegram members using the forced add method

Fake members

Typically, fake members are quite effective for starting a channel. To attract real members, individuals usually pay attention to the number of members in a channel, and channels with fewer members may experience a drop in real member engagement in their ads.

Fake Membership Without Drop

The fake members we provide have minimal drop rates, generally less than 5%. Therefore, we add an extra 10% to customers’ orders to compensate in case of any drop.

Affordable Telegram Membership Purchase

In recent years, Telegram groups and channels have become one of the best methods for marketing and selling products. One challenge faced by channel and group managers is the lack of real members. Many programs add members to groups, but these members are not genuine.

Free Telegram Members

One of the best programs recently released is the “Charge Member” program. This program allows users to easily add members to their Telegram channels for free. All members added by this program are genuine, with no fake or unsupported members.

Telegram Member

In our country, Telegram is widely used, with over 80% of smartphone users having the Telegram messenger. One notable feature of Telegram is that Telegram channels have no restrictions on the number of members. Therefore, the more members a channel has, the more customers are accessible, making it easier to offer products or services and boost business.

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