Increase Group Members

In this article, we aim to explain about increasing group members. There are two main types of increasing group members: increasing fake group members and increasing real group members.

Increase Fake Group Members

An essential point mentioned in previous articles is the issue of newly opened channels or channels with low members and views. For launching a Telegram group, the first step can be considered purchasing fake group members. Usually, groups and channels with few followers encounter difficulties during advertising and attracting real members. Individuals are less likely to join groups with few members, and they may leave quickly.

Buy Group Members in Telegram Real Group Members in Telegram

After purchasing fake members for the group, the only method to attract real members is the forced add method. The forced add method takes place through software installed by users on their devices, adding users to your group forcibly without them knowing how they are added.

Increase Group Members for Free

Channels or Telegram groups that have recently been opened and do not have good member and view statistics should not initially focus on attracting real members to their group or channel. It is better to initially increase the statistics or the number of members in the channel to attract real members naturally by having a high number of members visible to them when entering the channel or group.

If you decide to buy real members with a low number of initial members, it will not be profitable for you, and you will experience a significant drop in members after real members are added to the channel. For this reason, it is recommended to first obtain some fake members for your channel or group. After reaching a satisfactory number of members, you can proceed to attract real members.

Fake Group Members Increase Robot

It’s worth noting that fake members will not experience a drop after being added to your channel or group since they consist of offline members. They only increase the number of members in your channel and do not contribute to post views.

Real Group Members Increase Robot

Real members may experience a natural drop after being added to your channel or group. This drop is natural because, if real members do not find the content of your channel interesting or relevant to the channel’s topic, they may leave. Therefore, pay attention to the content and materials posted in your channel or group after adding real members.

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