Increasing Telegram members

Increasing Telegram members : Today, Telegram has become a very strong and popular media, in this social network, due to its facilities such as creating channels and groups, it has created a very suitable context in which to implement Internet business, and He made a very high income.

Increasing Telegram members

Increase Telegram fake members

According to statistics available by the country’s information technology, there are more than 100 million Telegram users in All around world and more than 100,000 Internet businesses are active in this social network.

Increase real Telegram members

One of the major problems in starting a business on the Telegram social network is gathering real Telegram members. There are several ways to increase real members in Telegram, which we will discuss below, but before that we have an important proposal for newly established channels.

Of course, there are other ways to increase the actual Telegram members, which you can see on the Tariff Orders page. Another way to increase the actual Telegram member is to use pop-up ads, in which your channel ads are advertised in software. Users’ tools are displayed, this ad is opened as a pop-up on the user’s page, and users click on it if they want to see the ad, and after viewing your channel, they are added to your channel again if they want.

Buy a professional fake members with visiting

By purchasing this package, you can receive the visit along with the member, and you can also specify the time of the visit.

For more information, you can refer to the bottom of this article, in the following, additional explanations along with the tariff have been placed for your viewing.

Increase Telegram fake  members

Our suggestion for newly established channels is to start buying fake members. Why?

Most Telegram users must look at the number of members of a channel to join, and if the number of channel members is low, they will not join the channel or will not trust that channel when making a purchase. The high number of members indicates the size of your business and your customers, in a channel members only have access to the number of members and can not see if this number of members are fake or real !!

Buy Telegram fake member

The next point when advertising to attract a real Subscribers is to buy fake members, the difference between receiving members in a channel with 200 members and a channel with 5000 fake subscribers is quite clear. Channels with low members receive very low actual members when advertising or very high drop after receiving.

The first step to entering the business in Telegram is to create a channel with appropriate content and the next step is to increase the members of that channel.

Buy a free telegram member

In the continuation of this article, there is a link to download the program to buy a free Telegram member.

Fake members

After registering your order, the delivery time of fake members is 1 hour each and for ordering real members, it is a maximum of 24 hours.

Trust us to buy fake members:

buy-member website is a subset of siahgosh LLC Company, which has an official registration number and has been operating for more than 4 years in the field of Internet and information technology.

buy-member website has been active for more than 3 year, you can check the domain life of this website by entering the following link

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Telegram members increase program

You can get some free members by using Telegram member increase programs, you can click on the button “Download Telegram members software” from the right side of the page to get our free member increase program.

Increase the actual Telegram member

There are several different ways to increase the actual Telegram member, the first popular method among users is the mandatory member ed method in the channel.

Increase Telegram members with force add

In the forced add method, members are added to your channel without knowing it. In this method, you will see about 20 to 40% drop, but after a few days, keeping these members and keeping the channel members satisfied is the responsibility. It’s your own.

The forced edging method can be done in 3 different ways, the cost of which is not different from each other, but they are different in the loss of organs. Hayden forced ed method, silent forced ed and ordinary forced ed.

Increase Telegram members with Hayden Mandatory Ed method

hidden force add is that real members are added to your channel and members do not have access to your channel to view it !! This method, although a real member is added to your channel, but it will not bring you any income and of course it will not fall !! (Not recommended)

This method is very attractive for some of our colleagues and they usually use this method because it has very little loss but no feedback for you.

Increasing the Telegram member with the method of forced silent ed

In this method, the forced edging of the members, when they are added to the channel, the channel is mutated or silent, so its drop is less than normal ed mode, it has the best method and the highest feedback compared to the drop, because many members feel They added themselves to the channel.

Increase telegram members with the usual force add method

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