Buy Telegram Post View – How to Increase telegram channel Post Views? (bot)

How To Increase Telegram Channel Post Views ?

  1. Increase Real members
  2. Forward Post to other channels and groups
  3. Use telegram view bot
  4. 1000 Free telegram post views only for demo ( click on View Bot )
Boost telegram channel members

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On this page, we will fully explain all the ways to increase the views of the posts.

Increase real members

The first way to increase the number of  views to Telegram posts is increase the number of real channel members.

By attracting real members , you can constantly views your posts, for example, if you have 10k real subscribers, each post you put in your telegram channel will receive at least 300 views, means at least 300 people see your post on the channel.

Observe. This type of views very helpful , because it is done by real followers , can be very effective for you so that you can provide the services you want to the channel members, for example, if you are a seller by attracting real members and sending post on your channel, You can advertise your product and increase the sales of your products.

Buy Telegram post views

You can visit this page to buy real Telegram members . we recommend that if you are just starting out and you just want to set up a new telegram channel, start by buy fake telegram members first. For more information about Telegram fake subscribers and buy fake members, you can refer to the relevant pages, and if you encounter a question that was not answered on the site, you can contact support directly.

Why is it better to start a new Telegram channel or group by buy fake members?

If we want to explain to you with an example and briefly in a few lines why you have to buy fake followers to launch a new channel, it can be explained as follows, you consider advertising a product on other channels You will see and be interested in buying that product.

Through that ad, you reach the owner’s telegram channel and you see that the channel has only 500 members and the channel posts have less than 50 views. Do you still trust the channel owner to pay for it?

The answer is obvious: more than 90% of users do not trust such a channel and look for the same product from a more reputable place. So by doing this you have suffered 2 losses, the first loss is that you have lost the customer directly and the second loss is that you have caused the sale of your competitor.

Increase Telegram Members

Forward post to other channels and groups

The second way to increase the  views of channel posts, is to post on other channels and Telegram groups, this method can be considered as a subset of ads to attract real members.

To do this, it is better to create a post as an advertisement, it is better to put all the information that the user needs to get acquainted with the work or products of your channel to know in that post, it is better this post is in the form of photos or even videos. Be able to clearly give the most information to the person who is viewing it in the shortest possible time.

After creating your post, you have two options, the first way is free advertising, you should look for telegram groups in which posting is free and send your post in those groups so that you can see the number of views of your post. Raise and be able to advertise for your channel, this is a very difficult way because there are now fewer groups that can do this for you for free.

The second way is to pay for posting on other people’s channels and groups. You can contact the admin of other channels and ask them to send your post as an advertisement in the channel or group and pay them a fee in return. This method is one of the best ways to attract real followers and increase the actual traffic of your posts.

Of course, note that most existing channels have more than 80% of fake members, so it is better to research the reliability and authenticity of the members of a channel before advertising.

Telegram view bot

The third way to increase the number of views to Telegram posts is to use telegram views robots. Below we fully explain in this case and how to use bot and its capabilities.

Telegram views bot

Telegram views bots are one of the best methods and also the cheapest way to increase the views of Telegram posts. In this method, you send the desired posts to the bot and the bots use telegram accounts to add views on your post.

This method is in no way recognizable by the real views , and if the post is visited, it will not It can be found out that the post was add fake views or the real member of that visit.

How to make fake views on Telegram

Behind All telegram view bot , there are usually more than 30,000 telegram accounts. These accounts can be real or fake . After you send a post to the bot, the bot uses these accounts and adds  fake views to your post.

Telegram Post View

One of the advantages of using a telegram view bot is the immediately start of your order. After sending the post, the bot starts increasing the post views for up to 1 minute and usually the visit is added to the post immediately.

Telegram auto view bot

One of the advantages of our view bot is the ability to automatically add views to channel posts. The robot works in such a way that you can set the robot to add new posts to a specific channel at any time, The bot will automatically increase new post views. Below is a tutorial on adding channels to auto views bot.

Increase Telegram views

Complete tutorial to work with our telegram views bot.

1- you must first open our Telegram bot. The address is or @Auto_post_viewerbot

– After click on Bot ID First you have to click button “start” and then u can see the main page of the bot.

telegram view bot

3- When you open the bot for the first time, after clicking on any button, it will give you a message that you must first join to the bot information telegram channel, and then you can use the robot service. Click on the channel ID and after joining the channel, return to the views bot and click the “back” button. Now you can use the robot

Telegram views bot

Increase Telegram views

To increase the number of view posts in the bot, 3 different buttons have been designed. The first button is “Order single post views”. To increase single post views, you must first click on the “Order single post views” button, then the bot will ask you for the requested number of visits.

You can enter a number between 300 and 20,000 views . The bot then wants the desired speed to increase views , which you can choose from 4 available modes. After selecting the speed, you can send the desired single post to the bot, and about 1 minute after sending the post to the bot, your order will start and your order will be completed between 1 minute and maximum of 30 minutes.

telegram view post

Buy Telegram views

The second button to increase the number of posts in the Telegram channel is to order several posts. Using this section, you can send as many posts as you want to the bot at once, and the bot will add multi views to the posts. This section is the same as the single post section.

You must first click on “Order multi post views” button, then specify the desired number of visits and also the speed of adding views , and finally the difference with the previous section is that in the section Single post You could only send 1 post to the bot, but in this section, select all the desired posts and send them all together for the bot, and click the Finish button at the end.

buy telegram post views

Telegram auto view bot

The third button is the “Auto post views“, which is the most used among bot users. In this section, you can set the bot to automatically increase the number of views of each post you put in your channel.

To use this section, you must first click the “Auto post views” button. On the second page you will see two options “Register a new channel” and “registered channel“.

In this section, if you want to add a new channel to increase automatically, press the “Register a new channel” key, in the future, if you want to delete the channel, you can re-enter the same section and click the “registered channels” button and delete the desired channel.

Auto telegram post views

Buy telegram views

To continue the process of adding a new channel to automatically increase the views , after clicking on the new channel, select the number of requested visits and the speed of increasing the desired visit. In the next section you have to add the robot as a manager in your channel.

Auto post views

To do this, enter your channel, click on the admins section and click the Add Admin button, and in the top box for searching, enter the robot ID and finally add the bot as the administrator in the channel.

After adding the robot as a administrator in the channel, you must send a post from the same channel to the bot so that the bot checks the correctness of the whole process.

If there is no error after sending the post to the bot, then you have done the process correctly and from now on, every new post that you put in the channel, the views will be automatically increased.

Auto post views
buy post views
telegram post view

Telegram fake views free

The four buttons at the bottom of the page do not have specific descriptions. You can use the account and order tracking section to be able to see your account information, such as how many coins you have in your account or how many orders are in progress and how many orders are completed.

Use the support button to connect to the support button and to buy coins to buy coins button. You must contact support directly to purchase coins now
If you encounter any problems, contact support directly.

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