Increasing Telegram Membership

In this article, we aim to provide you with comprehensive strategies for increasing Telegram membership.

Strategies for Increasing Telegram Membership

Telegram channels play a vital role in promoting businesses. A small business with a strong channel can quickly become profitable. Therefore, the discussion of selling members and increasing membership in Telegram channels has become prominent.

The first solution for increasing Telegram membership is to buy Telegram members.

Strategy for Increasing Telegram Membership: 1 – Buying Telegram Members

Buying members is considered the simplest solution for increasing the number of channel members. Especially for newly established channels, buying Telegram members is often the only option for their initial growth phase.

Newly established channels face many challenges in building a substantial audience and generating revenue. It’s essential to understand that quality channels cannot be built overnight without proper planning.

The first step in launching a channel can be buying fake members! Why?

Buy Fake Members

As you may have experienced, when you consider joining a channel, you pay special attention to the number of members and then evaluate the posts (as do more than 80% of users). Therefore, to attract real members to your channel, you need to elevate your channel from a newly established status (channels with less than 10k members are typically considered newly established) to an acceptable channel. This can be achieved by attracting real members through advertising on your channel.

Pricing for Buy Fake Members from Us

After buying fake members and boosting your channel’s rank from a newly established channel to an acceptable one, you should focus on attracting real members.

Buy Real Members

You have several strategies for increasing real members, which we will discuss below.

Buy Real Members with the Forced Add Method

As the name suggests, in the forced add method, members are added to your channel without their consent. This method typically results in the highest drop-off rate among Telegram membership increase methods (around 30-50%).

It’s worth noting that the forced add method has three subsets:

  1. Regular forced add method: Members are added to the channel as usual, meaning they receive a join alert. Consequently, this method has the highest drop-off rate (up to 80%).
  2. Silent forced add method: This can be considered the best forced add method. Members added through this method do not receive join alerts, resulting in a lower drop-off rate (around 50%).
  3. Hidden forced add method: Members added through this method are real users but cannot see your channel at all. Consequently, the drop-off rate is minimal, but there is also no engagement because users cannot see your channel at all.”

Rates for Buying Forced Add

Members Buying Real Members with the Pop-up Method

This method can be considered the best strategy for buying real members because it’s entirely advertising-based. In this method, advertisements for your channel appear as pop-ups on users’ mobile phones. If users are interested, they can enter your channel and, if desired, join it.

In any method you use to attract real members, you will experience some drop-off, but it can be said that this method will have the lowest drop-off rate. However, channel activity is highly influential (around 20-40%).

You should consider that with real members, you cannot expect them to stay in your channel, for example, without posting anything for two weeks! The drop-off of real members entirely depends on the channel manager, and we cannot guarantee any real member drop-off.

Rates for Buying Pop-up Members Strategy for Increasing Telegram Membership: 2 – Telegram Advertising

After buying Telegram members and reaching an acceptable number of members, the best way to promote your work and increase real members is through Telegram advertising.

Telegram advertising works by negotiating with channels that have a large number of members and advertising in their channels. This involves creating an advertising post, and the channels you have negotiated with will post it. Through this post, you can attract real, useful, and targeted members.

Our suggestion for Telegram advertising is to choose channels with over 1 million members because many channels with 100 to 500k members have more than 80% fake members. These channels aim to make money by purchasing support visits and fake members, making it almost impossible to detect them.

So, it’s better to spend more on advertising, but you can be sure that you are attracting real and targeted members.

Strategy for Increasing Telegram Membership: 3 – Engaging Posts

After attracting a suitable number of real members (around 100 real members), you will need less advertising. Your posts and your members themselves will promote your channel. By posting engaging content or offers on your channel, you will naturally attract new members.

Increasing Telegram Group Membership

The strategy for increasing membership in Telegram groups is not much different from Telegram channels. In groups, too, you need to start by purchasing some fake members and then focus on attracting real members. Groups are usually created for specialized tasks, making it challenging to attract real and targeted members.

Having a website alongside your Telegram channel can be very effective. By placing the link to your channel or group on your website, you can familiarize visitors with your channel or group, thus increasing your real members and views.

However, it’s worth mentioning that websites ranking on the first page of Google can have this effect on your channel!

Brief Explanation of Terms You Might Encounter in Advertisements:

Free Telegram Membership Increase

As mentioned above, to increase Telegram membership for free, you need to reach a level of real members who will advertise your channel themselves. This term can be entirely meaningless at the beginning of a channel!

Download Telegram Membership Increase App

Telegram membership increase apps usually work in a way that they cannot add any real members to your channel, and the members they add are often channel owners who join other channels to attract members to their channel and then leave after joining. Thus, these types of members have a high dropout rate (around 80%), and more than 90% of them never see your channel.

Telegram Membership Increase Robot

A Telegram membership increase robot! It’s really strange!! We have no explanation for this! Does it really exist?

Free Real Telegram Membership Increase

The explanations above cover this. You can refer to them for more information.

Free Real Telegram Membership Increase

Again, using similar words. For more information, you can revisit this article.

Fake Telegram Membership Increase

This is entirely self-explanatory, as it has been mentioned in part 1 of this article.

Free Real Membership Increase Robot

It’s just that such a thing does not exist for Telegram.

We hope you found this article helpful. For more information, feel free to contact us directly.

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