Real Telegram Members

An issue that many channel and group admins often face is the struggle to increase the number of members and views for their Telegram channels or groups. In this article, we aim to address this topic and provide you with methods and strategies to boost your member count and views. We’ll share insights into various approaches for increasing members and group/channel activity so that you can make informed decisions tailored to your specific circumstances.

Newly Opened Channels or Groups

For channels or groups that have just been launched, it’s essential to initially acquire some fake members to boost the member count significantly. By injecting these fake members, your channel or group’s member count will rise noticeably, attracting new members who have recently joined Telegram and are looking to engage and stay in your community.

What Are Fake Members?

This is a common question among users who are new to this method. Some may initially misunderstand it as a manipulative or deceptive practice. Fake members are essentially offline accounts added to your channel or group, solely to increase the member count. They do not contribute to post views or engagement; their purpose is to create an impression of popularity and attract genuine members to join.

Advertising on Telegram

Advertising on Telegram can be divided into several methods, one of which is “forced ad” campaigns. In this method, users are compelled to join your channel or group through various platforms and websites. However, these campaigns typically experience a member drop-off rate of around 30%, which can be mitigated by adding more members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Real Telegram Members

Common questions that arise from customers and users include: “How to buy Telegram members for free?”, “Where to buy cheap real Telegram members?”, “Is it possible to purchase cheap fake Telegram members?”, “How to buy group members?”, “Where to buy affordable real Telegram members?”, “How to get free real Telegram members for the group?”, “Where to buy cheap Telegram members?” We’ll address these questions in more detail in future articles focused on buying real Telegram members.

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