Selling Real Telegram Members

There are several methods for increasing real members of a Telegram channel, which we will discuss below.

The first method for increasing real Telegram members is through forced adding.

In this method, as the name suggests, real members are added to your channel without their consent.

Due to the compulsory nature of this method, you may observe a significant dropout rate. Typically, this method experiences a 30% to 50% dropout rate initially. However, the dropout rate depends on the activity of the channel after joining.

As you know, retaining real members is a challenging process. You need to keep your genuine members satisfied with the posts you share.

In general, it can be said that real members experience their own dropout rates, and it cannot be claimed that real members do not experience any dropouts. Even channels with over a million members face member dropouts.

You should be aware that you are dealing with various interests among users, and keeping all these interests satisfied within one channel is very difficult.

The second method is buying real members.

The second method of increasing real members can be referred to as pop-up advertising. As the name suggests, this method involves advertising, where your channel’s advertisement is displayed as a pop-up text inside mobile applications. Anyone interested clicks on your advertisement, and if they like your channel, they are added to it.

Due to its advertising nature, this method has less dropout compared to the forced add method. In this method, you will observe an initial dropout rate of 15% to 30%. After that, the dropout rate of members depends on your channel’s activity and your posts.

This method can be considered the best method for Telegram advertising and attracting real members.

Some explanations regarding forced adding:

Forced adding is done through three methods:

  1. Hidden Forced Add: In this method, real members are forced into your channel, but they do not even see your channel, resulting in no dropouts. However, since they do not see your channel at all, they will not contribute to your views, similar to fake members.

  2. Silent Forced Add: In this method, real members are added to your channel, but your channel is muted or silenced for them. This method can be considered the best forced add method.

  3. Normal Forced Add: This method has the highest dropout rate among forced add methods.

Keep in mind that for channels you want to advertise to, most channels with around 100,000 members have fake members. Therefore, it is better to advertise to channels with over a million members.

Fake members of a channel cannot be detected unless they are purchased for viewing.

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