Fake Member Sales

Do you know what the first step is to launch a Telegram channel? Why is the sale of fake members done?

Launching a Telegram channel that can be profitable and sell a wide range of products is quite challenging but not impossible. Like any other business you want to start, you need to consider some initial expenses for startup and advertising.

Currently, social networks should not be seen as mere entertainment apps! Social networks should be considered as a store in the best possible location. Through social networks, you can earn extraordinary income in the shortest possible time.

What is the first step to launching a Telegram channel?

Selling Fake Telegram Members

Fake members can be considered one of the most essential aspects of launching newly established channels. Consider entering a Telegram channel with 300 members, for example, selling goods. Can you trust such a channel? Or consider if this channel is for entertainment. Surely, channel members pay attention to the number of channel members before joining and then join.

Fake Member Sales Rates

For this reason, during advertising to attract real members, channels with few members have a hard time getting real members and after getting members, you will see more dropout.

One of the things to consider in managing a Telegram channel is that in all the posts you want to post, make sure you are in touch with real members and try to keep these real members. Keeping channel members satisfied is very difficult, and channels with over 1 million members that you see are completely professional in paying attention to these points and are run like a magazine. For example, they have an editor, all posts are approved, and then posted, and some people produce text and posts.

Increasing real Telegram members to achieve high income must proceed systematically. Otherwise, you may achieve some profit, but to achieve high income, you need to strive to be the best on social networks.

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