Selling Fake Telegram Members

The sale of fake Telegram members is primarily used for newly established channels. New channels often receive few real members during advertising campaigns or experience significant dropouts afterward.

As you know, real members pay attention to the number of channel members and the engagement with the channel’s posts before joining.

Perhaps you’ve experienced entering a channel with a low member count, for example, having 500 members, where in over 80% of cases, you wouldn’t join or would leave the channel.

For this reason, obtaining fake members at the beginning of launching a channel is essential.

A Strategy for Launching a Channel

The best way to launch a channel is to first add fake members and then advertise. These ads can be in the form of pop-ups or other advertising methods. For other advertising methods, you could suggest exchanges or advertise in channels with high member counts.

Note that most channels you advertise to have about 100,000 members, and many of these members are fake. Therefore, it’s better to advertise in channels with over a million members. Fake members in a channel cannot be distinguished unless views are purchased for them.

Fake Members without Dropout

As you may have noticed, there are many software programs for increasing Telegram members. These software programs usually involve member exchanges and often have a dropout rate of over 80%. All members you receive through these software programs are fake members who own a channel themselves and are added to your channel to receive members. They leave your channel after one to two weeks. Therefore, with these software programs, you will observe a dropout rate of over 80% after one to two weeks.

Our fake members are all virtual numbers and have a dropout rate of about 10 to 15%, which is compensated for free with an additional 30% of each order to your channel to cover potential dropouts.

This 10 to 15% dropout rate is also due to Telegram deleting some virtual numbers.

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