Telegram Member Sales

These days, Telegram has turned into a space where, in addition to chatting with each other, you can also use online stores that are in the form of channels. This has led channel and group managers on Telegram to think about attracting and increasing members and views for their channels.

By increasing the number of channel members and post views, they can generate good income through visibility and high post views for their products. For this reason, most users who manage various channels consider buying members and take action to buy members for their channels from those who are active in selling Telegram members.

Price of Telegram Member Sales

Telegram member sales are also done in several ways. For those who have recently opened their channels, we recommend the fake member method. This method, besides being cheaper compared to other methods, is very suitable for channels that have just been opened and have a few members and views.

Fake Telegram Member Sales

This method is done by adding offline members to the group. This method does not have any dropout and only increases the number of channel members for you without adding any views to your posts. For this reason, after the number of members of the channel reaches the desired number, you should proceed to buy real members to increase the views of the posts you have placed in your channel. But you may ask yourself why you should buy fake members first.

Real Telegram Member Sales

We must tell you that real members, which have two methods, as their name suggests, because you are dealing with real members, after adding the members to your channel or group, will have a certain percentage of dropout. If you proceed with buying real members with the same low number of members compared to buying real members, this dropout percentage will go much higher. The reason for this is that with the entry of new members into your channel or group, they are not willing to stay in your channel or group due to the low number of members they see and they leave the channel. For this reason, we recommend to those whose channels have a low number of members to first buy some fake members for their channel so that with the entry of new members into your channel or group, they will be willing to stay in your channel or group.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telegram Member Sales:

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