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Telegram members, the purchase of  Telegram members is divide into two main categories: the real Telegram members and the fake Telegram members, each of which we will explain separately.

Buy Cheap Real Telegram Members

The cheapest way to attract a real member to the channel is to buy real Telegram subscribers with force add, except to attract a real member with ads that are very expensive.

Buy Telegram Fake members

When ordering, please pay attention to whether it is real, fake, as well as the channel member, or group member, because each of these items has its own tariff.

Buy Real and Fake Telegram Members

Buying Telegram members for newly established channels is an inevitable way, to launch a Telegram channel, it is necessary to reach a minimum number of members; usually channels below 10,000 members are call newly established channels.
For more information about buying Telegram members, please refer to the continuation of this article.

Boost telegram channel Views

The purchase price of a real Telegram member

There are two main ways to increase real Telegram members, the first method is to spend time and post attractive posts in the long-term that attract users to your channel, the second method is to attract users through advertising or buying Telegram members.

Buy real Telegram subscribers and fake Telegram subscribers

In the discussion of buy Telegram subscribers, these subscribers are divided into several categories, which are given in general description below.

Buy free telegram subscribers

By purchasing Fake Telegram members packages, you can receive 10% of the free subscribers from us, that is, if you order 1K subscribers, you will receive 1100 subscribers, of which 100 subscribers are free of charge and as a gift of your order.

Buy freewill Telegram members

As mentioned above, by attracting real members by doing pop-up ads, we can attract a real Telegram subscriber to the channel at his or her own discretion.

Buy offline real members

1- Tariff for purchasing fake Telegram members without loss

Our fake members have a loss of about 10-15%, which is also due to the closure of some virtual numbers by Telegram, this amount has the lowest possible loss compared to other member models, so we can say that fake members with Virtual numbers is almost non drop.

Trust us to Buy Fake Members
Raising Telegram Members, Buy Telegram Members
Tariff for Buying Telegram Members
2- Buy Real Telegram Members using pop-up ads

In this method, your channel adv is display as a pop-up in the mobile applications; members enter by clicking on your channel adv and join your channel if they wish. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the loss of these types of members depends on your activity in the channel !!

Only $5 per 1000 real Telegram online members

** Order on Telegram


3- Purchasing real Telegram members using the force add method

In this method, members are added to your channel without knowing it. This method has 3 modes that we usually use the silent force add method, which has less loss than the feedback, of course, there is also the hidden forced add method, which There is very little loss, but in this case, the Telegram channel members do not see your channel in their telegram at all !!
For this reason, the feedback and the number of views are not high. Another method is the usual force add, which has a very high drop.

telegram members

Telegram Group Members

In Telegram groups, like the Telegram channel, there are fake and real members, whose tariffs are also presented below.

1- Real subscribers of Telegram group

These members enter your group through the mobile applications they have installed in their devices, and in this method, like the force add method; they do not have any information that enters your channel.

1000 real Telegram subscribers is only $6

** Order on Telegram **

2- Fake members of Telegram group
Free Telegram Members
Increase the real subscribers of the free telegram group

To increase free subscribers, you can use our app, the link of which is below, in this app, you can collect coins for yourself by subscribing to other channels and visiting other people’s posts, and then for yourself send order members completely free of charge. ** Not available now and will be released soon. **
Important points before buying a real member (be sure to read)
One of the most important points before buying real members is to keep the real member after adding to the channel, which is very difficult.

Increase Telegram channel subscribers

One way to differentiate between a fake member and a real member of a channel is to reduce the number of channel subscribers.
For example, if you order 1k subscribers by force add and did not see drop at the end of the order after 1 day, you should be sure that the added members are fake or your force add is done in hidden mode.
If they added by hidden mode, it means members do not see your channel at all, and it can be said that it is useless for you.
Usually the forced add orders fall between 30 to 50% in the first 2-3 days, because that you are dealing with a real subscriber, and it is very difficult to satisfy the real members.
The same goes for pop-up ads, in this way because the members at first; wanted to join you will see less fall at first, but in any case there are drops.
The drop of this method will be between 20 to 35% at first, and in the continuation, keeping these members depends only on your channel managers who can keep these real members satisfy.

Variety Of Force Add Methods

There are 3 ways of force adding, the first method of force adding is hidden, this method has the least loss when used because the added Telegram followers do not know that they have been added to your channel and do not see your channel in their telegram. For this reason, they have the least drop, maybe they are as low as fake Telegram followers !!
The next method is silent force add, which in our opinion is the best and most effective method of force add. In this method, subscribers enter your channel without knowing it, but your channel mode is set on “silent”, which makes sense. Gives the member that the person himself added to the channel !! This method has a typical drop of 30 to 50 percent.
Normal force add, this method loses more than 70% of followers at the beginning.

Telegram Fake Members

Fake members is usually very efficient for starting channels. In order to attract a real member, real people usually pay attention to the number of channel followers to join the channel, and channels that have a few members have more drops of real members in advertisements.

Fake members without drop

The followers we offer are fake members without drop (non-drop fake members), in principle, the loss of these members is less than 5%, so we add 10% more to their order for our dear customers, and in case of drops, we also add it. We have compensated.

Telegram Channel Fake Subscribers

Newly established channels usually have to use fake subscribers at the beginning of their work in order to face less loss when advertising to attract a real subscribers .

Fake Subscribers

One of the problems for users to advertise on channels is Fake Subscribers and Fake telegram post views, which cannot be determined whether advertising on this channel, will be effective or not.

Fake Telegram Members

Fake Telegram member is offer only at the beginning of the channels. Getting real subscribers for a channel is the most important thing; they are the real members who can grow your business.

Cheap Fake Members
Ask us for the cheapest Fake member

Buy Fake Subscribers

Delivery of your requested telegram subscribers will be done in the shortest possible time. Orders less than 5 K will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Free Fake Subscribers

If you want to receive free fake subscribers, can use our application, download link of which is located on this page, and receive free members for your channel by subscribing to other channels. ** Not available now and will be released soon. **

Buy Cheap Fake Members

We offer you the best purchase price of Fake Telegram member, 1 K member of Fake Telegram channel, only $4

Increase Telegram Subscribers

There are two main ways to increase subscribers: The simplest and fastest way is to buy telegram subscribers.

Making Telegram Fake Subscribers

Another way is to use the programs that exist in the market, and you can gather free members for your channel by subscribing to other Telegram channels.

Buy Fake Members Without Drop

As mentioned above, all the fake members that we offer to our dear customers are without loss. In fact, the loss of these fake members is less than 5%, which we also compensated when ordering, and usually 10% more than the order. You, we deliver

Buy Fake Telegram Channel Member

Our specialty is in the field of members for Telegram channels and the cost announced above is only for Telegram channel members.

Buy Fake Channel Members

Ask us for fake Telegram channel members. Get your telegram subscribers in the shortest time possible.

Increase Telegram View

As you know, it is also possible to increase Telegram view, the tariff for these services is listed on the page dedicated to Telegram views, and you can refer to this page to know the price of visiting Telegram Fake (Top of page Telegram services a channel views).

Cheap Telegram Fake Followers

For every 1,000 members of the Telegram Fake channel, only $5 and will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Buy Channel Followers

If you want real followers for your channel you can use advertising methods, these methods are listed above.

Buy Telegram Channel Members

Purchasing real members of the Telegram channel can be done through the pop-up advertising method or through the force add method.

Increase Real Telegram Channel Subscribers

Another way to increase real subscribers of the Telegram channel is to use mass advertising in Telegram, in this method, you put a post in your channel, and we send that post to the super groups for your post to get real views and attract real members for your channel.
In this method, it is not possible to order less than 100 k.
App for Telegram channel members (application is not available)
If you want to increase your channel members through the app, you can download the app placed on this page through the available app download links. ** Not available now and will be released soon. **

Increase Telegram Fake Subscribers
Buy Telegram Fake Member

Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

Almost complete information about Fake Subscribers is given on this page, if you still have any questions, you can contact us directly.

** Contact us on Telegram : **

Buy Cheap Telegram Subscribers

In recent years, Telegram groups and channels have become one of the best methods of marketing and selling goods, one of the problems that managers of Telegram channels and groups are struggling with is the lack of real Telegram subscribers in their groups, and most of the programs that Telegram followers add to groups are not real members.
Click on the link below to download the free Telegram subscribers and increase Telegram subscribers app

** Not available now and will be released soon. **

Telegram Members

One of the features of Telegram Messenger is that Telegram channels have no limit on the number of Telegram members, so the more members are there, the more customers available to the channel manager, and the easier it is to offer your product or service and earn, and their work is more prosperous.

free telegram members

How to make money on Telegram

Most people who start a telegram channel for their business are looking to increase sales of products and earn money, now making money from virtual networks has become very attractive because you no longer need a special place with You do not have monthly fees, and you can create a telegram channel for free and communicate with customers through it.
It is true that creating a channel in Telegram is free and simple, but attracting customers and followers to a channel is very difficult and costly.
Consider that each person subscribes to only 5 channels on average and stays in it for this reason. You have to work at such a high level that you are among the 5 selected channels of people, and of course, before that, it is very important for users to know that this channel exists and want to visit your channel.
There are not many ways to attract a real member, to attract a subscriber; you can use the usual advertising methods or the advertising methods in the telegram, which mentioned above.

Free Telegram Member

One of the best programs that has been published recently is the Telegram members increase app ** TELESUBSCRIBERS **, which all users can easily use and get a free Telegram member for their channels and groups.
All subscribers added by this program are completely real subscribers of Telegram and are not fake members without any personal support among the followers. Using this program is completely free, and you can add a Telegram member to your channel free of charge.

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