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In this article, we aim to provide you with information on purchasing members for Telegram channels, allowing you to increase the members of your channel or group with more knowledge.

One of the main concerns for Telegram channel and group managers is the number of views on the posts they share and the total number of members. To address this issue, they often turn to advertising in other channels or purchasing Telegram members. These methods have different costs, and below, we will outline the pricing for each.

Purchase of Telegram Channel Members

As you may know, purchasing Telegram channel members involves two main methods: fake members and real members. You can view the pricing for purchasing members through the order button, and for more information on Telegram channel members, please read the following text.

Purchase of Real and Fake Channel Members

The methods related to purchasing Telegram members are as follows: fake members, pop-up ads, and forced ads. Each of these methods has different costs and efficiencies. It’s essential to note that for newly opened channels or groups, it is advisable to initially acquire a certain number of fake members to boost the overall member count. After reaching the desired number of members, you can proceed to purchase real members through pop-up or forced ad methods.

Purchase of Fake Channel Members

The reason for initially acquiring fake members is that advertising or purchasing members with a small number, such as 200 or 300, will not yield good results. The number of members should be sufficient so that real members, entering through pop-up or forced ads, find the channel appealing and choose to stay.

It’s important to mention that fake members do not contribute to post views in your channel. They only increase the total member count. Fake members are essentially offline members and do not provide engagement for your channel’s posts. After purchasing real members, the goal is to retain the active users and prevent a drop in members.

Purchase of Real Channel Members

It’s crucial to understand that real members may experience some drop-offs, and the success depends on your channel’s activity. There are no guarantees or responsibilities for real member drop-offs.

Purchase of Pop-up Ads Members

 In this method, your channel’s advertisement appears as a pop-up in mobile applications, enticing users to click and join your channel if interested.

Purchase of Members with Forced Ad Method

In this method, users are added to your channel without their knowledge through applications installed on their devices.

Purchase of Telegram Group Members

Telegram groups also have both fake and real members. The key difference is that real members can only be added to a group using the forced ad method. Below are the pricing details for purchasing group members.

Purchase of Fake Group Members

Fake group members have minimal drop-offs, around 5%. Telegram may deactivate some virtual numbers, causing a slight drop in fake group members.

Purchase of Real Group Members

Real group members can only be added through the forced ad method. In this approach, real members are added to your group without their knowledge.

These methods provide various options for increasing your channel or group members based on your specific needs and goals.

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