Buy Real Channel Members

The main concern for channel and group managers within Telegram is acquiring real members. To be seen and generate income through their channels or groups, managers need genuine members who will view their content and potentially purchase their products. Therefore, they resort to buying real members to increase their channel’s or group’s membership.

Buy Real Telegram Members

There are different methods for buying members, but to acquire real members, you only need to utilize advertising methods for your channel. This way, you can attract genuine Telegram users to join your channel and boost your business.

Advertising Methods for Attracting Real Telegram Members

The first method is using pop-up advertisements. This method displays your channel’s advertisement through pop-ups on various applications. For example, your advertisement will be displayed over 100,000 times to different users, and among these views, 1,000 users will become members of your channel. The fee for this method is 40$ per 1,000 members.

The next method is push notification advertising. Similar to the previous method, this approach is done through installed applications on users’ mobile phones. Your advertisement will be sent to users as a notification, and those interested can join your channel. The fee for this method is also 40$ per 1,000 members.

Important Notes After Buying Real Members

The most crucial aspect of attracting real members to your Telegram group or channel is to focus on your content. You must produce content that not only prevents member drop-off but also retains them over time without the need for additional expenses. Your content should engage your audience and maintain their interest, leading to a gradual increase in your channel’s or group’s membership.

Another important point is to avoid changing the address or link of your channel or group after increasing your Telegram members. Doing so can cause a significant drop in members and lead to problems for your Telegram channel or group. Therefore, it’s crucial not to change the address or link under any circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buy Real Members:

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These are the inquiries we receive regarding buying real members, and we will address each of these topics in detail in future articles.

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