Buy Fake Telegram Members

Purchasing fake members for Telegram channels or groups – Why do channels need to buy fake members? Fake members are highly effective for newly established channels. During promotions, newly established channels face difficulties in attracting real Telegram members. Real members pay significant attention to the number of existing members when deciding to join a channel. If the member count is low, most likely, they won’t join the channel.

Channel Members

The solution for these channels is to increase their fake members. Initially, we provide you with the tariff for purchasing offline or fake members, and later, we elaborate on the details related to these types of members.

Buy Fake Members Without Drop

The cheapest fake Telegram members with the best quality and the lowest possible drop rate. The members provided by our company have the minimum drop rate possible. This drop occurs due to Telegram updates and the deactivation of some virtual accounts by the company. The drop rate for these members is less than 10%, making them practically fake members without any drop.

Buy Fake Members with Views

Professional fake members with post views. After ordering professional members, you can specify the time for post views.

Free Fake Members

With any purchase of the above packages, you will receive 10% free fake members as compensatory members for potential drops in fake channel members.

What is a Fake Member?

Fake members, also known as offline members, are mostly virtual numbers with Telegram accounts managed by panels. These virtual numbers can be added to your desired channels as members.

Free Ready-Made Fake Members

If you intend to sell members or want to increase your channel members for free, you can use our member increase software. By using this software, you can collect coins by viewing ads and then place an order to increase members for your channel. (Download link for the program)

Download Fake Member App for Android (Not available)

While the use of this software is entirely free, in reality, you are investing your time to receive the desired members. Therefore, direct member purchase may be more cost-effective for you.

Fake Member Panel

For those looking to sell members or buy a fake member panel, it’s essential to note that starting this business, such as providing just 1k members to customers, will cost around 10 million. For those who find this cost too high or prefer not to deal with it, it’s recommended to focus on marketing this profession.

Free Fake Members

Customers ordering any package can receive 1,000 free fake members as a gift to compensate for potential drops in fake channel members.

Exceptional Sale of Fake Members – With the best quality and in the shortest possible time, you can only purchase from us at discounted prices until the end of this week. Each thousand fake members cost only 4$.

Buy Fake Members for Telegram Channel

Please note that the tariff mentioned is for fake members of Telegram channels. The cost may vary for purchasing fake members for Telegram groups, and you can see the group fake member purchase tariff on the payment page.

1000 Free Fake Members

You can receive 1,000 free fake members by purchasing our 10,000 members package for free.

Buy Fake Telegram Channel Members

It is usually necessary for newly established channels to use fake members to launch their channels. When promoting a channel, users pay significant attention to the number of members. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase between 5,000 to 10,000 fake Telegram members when initially creating a channel.

Buy Cheap Fake Members

Buying fake members is one of the most affordable methods to increase channel members. These members only increase the number of members in your channel and do not have any interaction.

Buy Cheap Telegram Channel Members

The above pricing is for fake Telegram channel members, and the cost may vary for purchasing fake members for Telegram groups.

Increasing Real Members

For channel orders, providing only the channel ID is sufficient. The channel must be made public, and the channel ID must be sent to us for adding fake members. There is no need to make us a channel administrator; only the channel ID is required. The delivery time for each 1k fake members is approximately 1-2 hours.

Buy Fake Group Members

The cost of purchasing fake group members for Telegram groups is 25$ per 1k members.

Fake Members Without Drop

Most of these members use virtual numbers to join channels, which is why they have minimal drops. The drop rate for the members we add to customers is less than 5% for a 1-month period after ordering 1,000 fake members.

For orders of forced-add and pop-up notification members, you need to send us the join link. To get the join link for a Telegram channel, change the channel to private, and Telegram will provide you with a link. After obtaining the join link, return the channel to its original state (public). To learn how to get the join link from a Telegram channel, you can search for this text on Google for a tutorial video.

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