Affordable Forced Join Telegram Member Purchase for Channels and Groups

The forced join method is one of the strategies for increasing Telegram channel and group members. Newly established channels and groups often face challenges in boosting their member count. Even if the channel manager posts attractive and high-quality content, the channel may not reach its goal due to a lack of members in the initial stages.

Purchase of Forced Join Channel Members

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One of the assumptions of social networks is placing a large number of members in a short period. Social networks with a high number of members can present important news or products to a large number of members in less than 5 minutes.

Purchase of Forced Join or Forced Join in Telegram

As you may have encountered, the forced join method is offered at various prices. The reason for this may be the limited number of panels and programs that can perform forced membership, and collaborators usually have to approach specific companies to make purchases. We, having the software for this method and a panel, can provide you with the best prices for real forced join members.

Collaborators can contact us for pricing details on forced join collaboration.

Purchase of Forced Join Members in Groups

The forced join method, as the name suggests, adds members without their knowledge, making this method susceptible to higher drop-offs.

Forced Membership in Telegram Channels

It’s evident that the drop-off rate can significantly depend on the channel’s activity. For general channels with members from diverse backgrounds, the drop-off rate is around 30-40%. However, for specialized channels seeking specific members, this drop-off can be much higher.

Forced join can be implemented in several ways, and here are some general explanations:

Hidden Forced Join

In this method, members added to your channel are not aware of the channel’s visibility. The channel remains hidden, resulting in fewer drop-offs, but it also means fewer views on your posts. This method is not often recommended as it is similar to having many fake members.

Free Forced Join

Valued customers can receive 1 free forced join for every purchase of 10 forced joins.

Locked Forced Join

This method is more of a misleading technique, as it doesn’t actually exist. It is similar to hidden forced join, where members cannot see the channel.

Silent Forced Join

Considered the best forced join method, members are added silently, and the channel is muted for them.

Forced Join in Telegram Groups

The forced join methods mentioned above are specific to Telegram channels. Similar methods are not feasible for Telegram groups.

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