Buying Followers

Social media networks have had a tremendous impact on businesses, and many individuals have turned to social networks to expand their businesses. The reason for this can be attributed to its low cost and high return, as well as the ability to reach out to the entire country rather than just a specific area for goods or services.

Increasing Followers

Two social networks where one can greatly expand and boost business are Instagram and Telegram. Both of these social networks require an increase in followers to get started, boost sales, and generate income.

Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers comes in two models: buying fake Instagram followers and buying real Instagram followers.

Buying Fake Instagram Followers

When launching an Instagram page, the first step is to buy fake Instagram followers. As you may have seen, when entering a page with a low number of followers, there is less chance that you will follow them and become part of their followers.

Fake Instagram followers are mostly virtual accounts operated by bots to make Instagram unable to distinguish them from real accounts and prevent them from being shut down. Fake follower drops on Instagram are very minimal.

Buying Followers at a Low Cost

All Instagram followers added are entirely Iranian accounts. However, these followers are fake and we do not have the ability to add real followers.

Buying Instagram Followers without Drop

Fake followers on Instagram are almost without drop, and the drop rate is less than 10%.

Another social network that has been highly welcomed in our country is Telegram, which has over 40 million users. This number of users is not seen in any real or virtual network inside the country, even the national television network.

There are also two main models for attracting followers on this social network: real Telegram followers and fake Telegram members. Below is a brief explanation of these two follower models.

Buying Fake Telegram Followers

In Telegram, just like Instagram, the first step in launching a channel or group is to buy fake Telegram followers. Telegram fake followers are mostly virtual numbers, so the drop of this type of Telegram member is very low and negligible. However, this drop depends on Telegram. In some cases, it has been seen that some fake members of Telegram are blocked and become inaccessible. Still, it can be said that this type of Telegram follower has about a 10% drop rate.

Buying Real Telegram Followers

There are several different methods to increase real Telegram followers. Currently, due to filtering problems, it is much easier to increase followers through compulsory adding. Compulsory adding of Telegram followers works in such a way that members are added to a channel or group without their knowledge due to the software installed on their phones.

Cheap Instagram and Telegram Follower Rates

Each type of follower has its own special rate, which you can view on the order page or contact us directly for more information and to place an order.

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