Buy Telegram Followers

Telegram followers come in two main types: real followers and fake followers.

Buy Fake Telegram Followers

Fake followers, also known as fake members, are typically very useful and practical for newly established channels. When advertising on Telegram and trying to attract real followers, having a low number of followers may cause members to leave the channel, and new members might hesitate to join. For this reason, it is recommended for all customers to consider purchasing fake followers at the beginning of launching a channel, especially for channels with fewer than 10,000 followers, which are generally considered as newly established channels.

Pricing for purchasing fake Telegram followers is available on the website.

Buy Real Telegram Followers

To attract and buy real Telegram followers, there are two main methods: forced follower addition and advertising.

  1. Forced Follower Addition: In this method, members are added to the channel without their knowledge or consent.

  2. Advertising Method: This involves promoting your channel through various advertising methods, and one effective approach is pop-up ads. Pop-up ads display your channel to users on their mobile phones, and when they click on the ad, they are directed to your channel. If interested, they may choose to join.

In the pop-up advertising method, approximately 60 ads are executed to attract 1 real follower. About 10 of those users will visit your channel, and 1 of them will become a real member.

Delivery time for real Telegram followers is 24 hours, while for fake followers, it is 1-2 hours.

For more information or to place an order, you can visit the website and use the provided contact details.

Please note that the information for the office, landline number, and mobile number is available on the main page of the site and the contact us page.

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