Tricks to Retain Telegram Members

various methods for increasing real Telegram members are discussed. However, retaining these members and increasing them ultimately depends on your actions. Here, we examine some crucial factors for retaining Telegram members:

1. Do Not Change the Channel’s Name and Link:

Once you’ve chosen the channel’s name and link and attracted members, never change them. Changing these elements makes it difficult for users to find your channel using the previous name.

2. Use a Suitable and Clear Logo for the Channel’s Image:

A recognizable logo helps leave a visual imprint in the memory of users who have joined the channel. It contributes to brand recognition.

3. Have Engaging and Informative Content:

Engaging and informative content not only retains current members but also encourages them to introduce the channel to others, bringing in new members.

4. Post at Least 2 New Items Daily:

Being active and up-to-date with a minimum of two new posts per day plays a crucial role in retaining members.

5. Use Beautiful and Engaging Images:

Research suggests that posts accompanied by beautiful and engaging images receive more attention on social networks. Utilizing visually appealing images can attract more attention to your channel.

6. Post Short and Useful Content:

Avoid sending long and tiresome posts all at once, as users tend to find them boring at first glance. It’s better to segment lengthy posts and send them part by part.

7. Categorize Content Using Hashtags (#):

Categorizing content using hashtags provides organization to your posts. Users can easily access the specific content they are interested in.

8. Include the Channel Link in Every Post:

Adding the channel link to each post ensures that users can easily access your channel when sharing your content with others.

9. Consider Discounts Exclusively for Channel Members:

If you plan to sell products or offer services through social networks, providing discounts exclusively for channel members can attract more members to your channel.

10. Have Several Active Admins:

Since Telegram channels can have multiple admins, having several active admins ensures that the channel is always active, contributing to member retention.

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