Extensive ads in Telegram

It is currently not possible to provide extensive advertising services in Telegram.

Ads in Telegram

To get real members in Telegram and get good returns from your channel, you need to use advertising methods in Telegram, some examples of which we will explain below.

Ways to get a Telegram member with ads

Advertising in Telegram on other channels

One of the effective methods for advertising in Telegram is to advertise in channels with high members.

This method of advertising in Telegram is very useful, you just have to be careful not to do this advertising in channels that have a lot of fake members!!!

There are few ways to identify these types of channels and we can say that more than 80% of the cases cannot be sure if they are members of a real channel or not!!!

What are extensive advertisements in Telegram?

This type of advertising is such that you create an advertising post in your channel and we send you this advertising post in different groups, the choice of groups depends on the subject of your channel, for example, a channel that sells accessories There is a makeup that this group should advertise in channels that are mainly addressed to women.

This type of advertising can be considered the best model of advertising in Telegram, because in most cases it has a good return for the channel owner.

There are also other methods, such as pop-up ads, push notification ads, and… in other articles and pages.

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