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Telegram Fake View, To increase Telegram post view, newly established channels usually use Telegram View that has less drop when advertising, usually real members have a lot of attention to the numbers of members and number of channel posts views before subscribing to the channel. 

After the update at the end of 2023 by Telegram, almost all of Telegram’s View bots have stopped working, the only bot that is working well at the moment :

Important Note: There are two types of shopping purchases that are divided according to the delivery time, note that the first type, which is delivery within 1-2 hours, the prices are different.

In the high-speed post model, it takes a maximum of 1 hour for every thousand views of your posts.

telegram follower

Telegram fake view - Package High Speed Delivery

Buy Fake Telegram View

Newly established channels usually have to use fake Telegram subscribers at the beginning of their work to attract users of real Telegram members, as well as fake views to their posts.

Real Telegram users, in order to join a Telegram channel, must pay special attention to the number of Telegram view posts and the number of Telegram channel members.

Telegram fake visit

Usually, channels that have few members, after when Telegram advertisements, have a decrease in members, for this reason, and in order to prevent the uselessness of advertisements in Telegram.

It is necessary to buy fake followers and also to buy fake Telegram views.

Buy Telegram Fake Seen

Telegram fake seen is one of the methods that are very important at the beginning of launching a Telegram channel.

Cheap fake view

Ask us for the best prices in the field of Telegram member services and Telegram post view.

The best possible price to buy a Telegram member and also increase Telegram visits, contact us directly to order.

Increase Telegram view

To increase telegram post view, you must select the number of posts you want to visit, these posts must be in a row and then you must say how many visits you want so that we can estimate the price of your order and in the shortest possible time We will deliver your order.

Buy Telegram Post View

There are two real and fake ways to increase view or seen or the same visit telegram post, to receive a real view of the post.

You must have real members who visit every time you post a new post and the number of views increases, But this does not happen for newly established channels, and for every new post you add.

You can buy a view to increase the number of views of your posts and be able to attract more real members when advertising.

Telegram visit increase program

You can use our member increase software to increase free views in your channel posts.

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