Mass visit by Telegram

Now it is possible to provide a fake member or a real member with other methods!!!


It is not possible to provide these services at the moment!!!!


One of the best methods of advertising in Telegram is the method of mass advertising in Telegram.

This method of advertising is placing an advertising post in your channel to attract new real members and we advertise using specialized Telegram supergroups and sending your post to these channels to attract real Telegram members, this method can be considered as one of the most effective methods to sell goods and attract real Telegram members.

Most of the users and customers have difficulties in viewing the posts they place in their channel or group and have few visits, which is a negative point for the group or channel, and most of the managers of telegram channels or groups are looking to increase the number of members and These are real visitors who often look for solutions and methods to solve this problem. In this article, we intend to offer these methods and solutions to you dear ones.

Increasing real traffic is done only with the addition of real members and users, which by doing one of the pop-ups or push methods and… you can see the increase in the number of members of your channel or group and thus increase the traffic.

Another of these methods is the mandatory ed, which in this method uses the program and sites to make you a member of the channel or group, in this type of increase in members, you will also face a significant loss of members. On the other hand, in the method of advertising, which is done in several ways, the loss of members is significantly less in this method.

It should also be noted that the more you spend and the more followers you attract to your channel or group, the more acceptable the result and the better the return for you.

As the number of members of your channel or group increases, so does the number of visits to your posts.

One such method, which is often recommended for newly opened channels, is to buy a fake member for the channel or group. Most customers are a little hesitant to hear the word fake member, which can be detrimental to their channel or group, but it should be said that fake members are actually offline users who do not have a visit for you and only visit your Telegram group or channel will increase.

Questions about massive visits to Telegram

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