Increase Telegram channel members

Increase Telegram channel members : Most channel managers and groups think about increasing their channel or group subscribers in order to make their channel better known or to earn money from the Telegram channel or group.

There are different ways to increase Telegram members , whether channel or group, one of which is to buy a member for Telegram group or channel.

Members purchase is categorized into two general types of fake and real members , and you can choose depending on the type of channel activity.

Fake Members

Increasing fake members can be considered as the first step to launch a channel or telegram group, usually all newly established channels that want to start advertising to attract real members. In the first step, they first order some fake members who, when See fewer ads fall.

Channels with less than 10 members are usually called newly established channels.

Fake members do not mean that these members and users do not exist, but these members are offline and only increase the number of channel or group followers , and among the ways to increase group or channel members is one of the most common This method does not come with a visit for your posts and only increases the statistics and number of members of the Telegram channel or group, usually channel managers and newly opened groups to increase members by adding a members They use fake to make the audience who sees the channel for the first time acceptable and willing to join the channel or group.

Increase Telegram members and Subscribers

Real members

These types of members are actually users who are active and not only increase the statistics of channel or group followers , but also increase visits, and by sharing posts and texts within your channel or group, it has caused visit statistics and As a result, the number of your members will increase. You will encounter a loss of about 20% of the taken members, which is a little less than the 20% in the pop-up and push-up method, because in this method, the members does not have to be in your channel, and in the form of advertisements through the program and site.

The ones you enter are offered to you and you enter the Telegram channel or group voluntarily and voluntarily.

Questions about increasing Telegram channel members

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